Meet the Team

Aside from the blog Authors listed in the side bar, there are other valued members of our restoration team who contribute to various parts of the restoration of the machine and operations of the organisation. The full list of team members is below. All team members work on a voluntary basis.

Adam Bradley
Adam Bradley – Adam is a multi-talented engineer who’s been involved in the computer history field for over a decade at The National Museum of Computing. Adam wears many hats, but he’s primarily a Critical Infrastructure Engineer day to day, and when he’s not playing with the backbone of the country or computers, he’s probably to be found designing and building something vehicle related.
Christopher Blackburn – Chris is an engineer with a strong background in Electronics and Control Systems Engineering, having obtained a Master’s degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering with Computer Science at UCL. Chris has been involved in many interesting projects in the past, mostly focused around the UK Railway system. Chris has also been involved with The National Museum of Computing for some time.
Chris Blackburn
Peter Vaughan
Peter Vaughan – Peter is an engineer currently working in the Medical industry. He also looks after the IBM 1130 which can currently be seen in operation at The National Museum of Computing. Peter volunteers at the National Museum of Computing where he’s been a core volunteer for well over a decade.
Simon Van Winklen – Simon is a retired Engineer who’s career started with real time control systems, 8bit to 32bit controllers, GSM base stations and Ethernet switching, before finally ending up in Project management of large software systems. Simon will be helping us with the restoration programme and hopes to put his control systems expertise to good use by helping us build interface emulation systems.
Simon Van Winklen
Chris Wilkie
Chris Wilkie – Chris is an Engineer who got his start in Broadcast Engineering. Since then he’s run ISP’s, online streaming services, data centres, and is currently working to deliver fibre-optic rural broadband services. Chris is the owner of Creslow Park where the machine is hosted.
John Blackburn – John, as well as being Chris Blackburns father, is a highly skilled electronics engineer working across multiple industries. When we inevitably get stuck on an electronics problem, be it old or new technology, John is our go-to technical advisor. He has a vast wealth of knowledge that we’re very lucky to have access to.
John Blackburn
David Bradley
David Bradley – David, as well as being Adam’s father, is our master documentation scanner! Taking on the project of scanning the many, many IBM manuals we have is no easy task, but David has kindly agreed to assist in this huge undertaking. Having the manuals digitised is important to the project so this is very kind of him as it allows the rest of us to focus on the hardware.